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  • 商標
Koha 採用 GNU 通用公共授權第三版,即俗稱的自由軟體,
  • 免費使用:沒有授權的費用,可自由修改軟體的內容。
  • 採用之後,就成為這個軟體的合作者; 安裝者可自由選擇是否安裝新版本,或參與新版本的開發。
  • 採用自由的圖書館自動化軟體,原始碼的開放性及可得性,使任何有能力的廠商都可以參與後續發展。
  • 獨立於任何商業架構之外,自由軟體由社群支持,完全自治的。
  • 隨時可取得該軟體的相關知識,發展自己的自動化軟體。


Koha Requirements

To install Koha for immediate use we recommend

A Linux server – Debian is what most people use
Root access to the server
A reasonable level of comfort with the command line
Database administration skills

Koha is free software and is licensed under the GNU General Public License, either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
Get Koha

There are often two versions of Koha being released here during the same period of time: one is the current release and the other is the previous release. The current release is 3.8, until at least October 2012, and the previous releases still being supported are 3.4 and 3.6.
Current Release

Debian packages are available – Repository configuration and installation instructions
Ubuntu users can find instructions on our wiki for how to use the Debian packages on Ubuntu.
From download.koha-community.org – Current Stable Release (.tar.gz)
Older Versions, including prior stable and maintenance releases

List of all released versions of Koha
Install Koha

Once you have downloaded Koha, please unpack it and find the installation and upgrade instructions in the INSTALL file for your system, or the general INSTALL file.